Rocking out pt. 2

“For one, playing guitar on expert is too easy. Way too easy.”

I have to admit. Once you get a little further in the game, it does get harder. Still, it’s not as challenging as Guitar Hero III.

“The accessories look nice, though I managed to get a faulty guitar, so I had to request a new one to be sent. That entire process was rather easy, so I commend Harmonix on that.”

My new guitar came rather quickly, although I think this new one is also defective. With my original one, the strum bar felt really loose. And, when shook, something inside the original guitar would rattle. This new guitar does not rattle, but the strum bar still feels loose, and when I strum up and down, I feel like its not being registered–there is no clicking noise or some type of tactile response. I wonder if that’s normal…

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