Microsoft’s Project Natal

At this year’s E3, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft displayed interesting new ways for gamers to interact with their video games—motion control. With this technology, they are trying to expand the video game market by eliminating remote controls.

While all three companies had impressive showings, Microsoft stood out the most with there product codenamed “Project Natal.” Essentially, it is hardware that can be added to Xbox 360’s that allows for voice, facial, and full 1:1 body recognition.

What this means (as illustrated at the end of the video below) is you could walk up to your Xbox 360, and using facial recognition, it would know who you were and sign in to the console as you. You could then say something along the lines of “hook up with Lucian,” and it would bring up a chat discussion with me. You could browse game menus by swiping your hand left and right, and tap your hand forward to select. And when playing something like a racing game, all that is required is that you hold two hands up as if you were racing a car, and slide your feet forwards and backwards to accelerate and break.

The possibilities are endless, and this video gives you a sneak peak.

While that all seems great, game designer Peter Molyneux demonstrated an even more interesting use of the hardware through Milo—a digital character that can recognize your face, your voice, and even your emotions. It does the latter by detecting voice inflictions and facial gestures. And the thing that makes these demos more amazing is that the technology exist and is working right now. It’s only a matter of game companies making games that utilize it.

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