Rock Band Review

I finally got around to buying Rock Band for my Xbox 360. I planned on getting it soon, but a sale that was running at Target pushed me to get it sooner than later.

It was everything I thought it would be. It’s pure fun, especially when playing with friends with the volume blasting. I do have a few issues with it though. For one, playing guitar on expert is too easy. Way too easy. I do own Guitar Hero III, but I’m struggling on expert in that game, and I was hoping Rock Band would be just as challenging. It can be unsatisfying when you pick up a game only to realize not only is their no learning curve for you, but it will never be challenging. Maybe near the end the songs will get harder…

The accessories look nice, though I managed to get a faulty guitar, so I had to request a new one to be sent. That entire process was rather easy, so I commend Harmonix on that. When I do get the new guitar, I probably won’t use it. The fret buttons are too close together when compared to the Guitar Hero III guitar.

The drum set is pretty cool. It makes me feel like I’m actually playing the drums, and I suppose I am actually playing drums in a way. I would be totally submerged in the entire drum playing experience if it wasn’t for the “tap-tapping” noise that occurs every time I hit a pad, reminding me that it’s just a toy. There are pads to lessen the noise, which I plan on getting soon.

I agree with the notion that if you are a solo gamer, you should stick to Guitar Hero. If you are social, and have plenty of friends, pick up Rock Band.

I predict in the future that Guitar Hero will add drum accessories, and maybe a microphone too. It seems only natural. It would be Rock Band, but more challenging, and there is definitely a market for that.

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