Firefox 3

Download it.

I’m the kind of person that thinks going around and forcing people to upgrade there browser makes the world a better place. It does! Really. I strongly suggest that anyone who sees someone using Firefox 2 immediately update their browser to Firefox 3. And if you see anyone using any version of Internet Explorer, quickly get them using Firefox 3 before something bad happens. What bad could happen? I don’t think you want to know.

Why should they download Firefox 3? Simply because it is the newest version of Firefox and therefore is obviously the best browser available. Also, wise old man Walt Mossberg said Firefox 3 is the best browser for the web. Don’t trust old men? Then you can read through Mozilla’s summary of all the new features or read a more in-depth review put together at

I personally wasn’t feeling the look of the browser on my Mac and was about to download a different theme, but it grew on me just as I was browsing through other themes. The same goes for some of the other features like the one-click bookmarking feature.

Some features that I immediately liked was the add-on manager that organizes your add-ons as well as recommend new ones, the faster page loads, the fact you can save tabs that will re-open when you restart the browser, the new download manager that tells you how much time is left in the download in the status bar, and the fact that Firefox 3 asks you after you’ve typed in a correct password and got into a page whether you want to save it as opposed to potentially saving an incorrect password.

In summary, download it.

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