Design for fun

I have to admit, I didn’t design for fun as much as I would have like during my college career. Sure, designing is always fun, but it’s important to design for oneself rather than always for clients and classes. When you can’t find time to, the second best thing is to make sure you are exercising your creative muscle whenever you design.

When it comes to homework, often the assignments are pretty basic and require little thought depending on your school. For example, an assignment for a web class might be to use CSS to develop a drop-down menu. It may be easy for you to do, but it’s vital that you have fun. Consider trying to do the drop down menu in a different way than you normally do. Heard of some new technique where you use CSS to style unordered list? Try it out. Maybe make up a color scheme and imagine its for an actual business. You may get an A on the assignment regardless of whether you try out something new or not. Maybe you’ll screw it up and get a B instead. But, you would have learned the beginning of something new.

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